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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Halloween Pillows & Halloween Needlepoint Pillows at NeedlepointPillows.com

"Black Cat"

With Halloween right around the corner, we have the largest--and coolest, IOHO--selection of Halloween Pillows.  From "Scaredy Cats" to "Women in Black Hats," you can see them all in our Seasonal Section at NeedlepointPillows.com.

"Smiling Skeleton"

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Richard Rothstein at the Baltimore Antiques Show

I will be exhibiting antique Oriental rugs and antique needlepoint at the upcoming Baltimore Antiques Show, September 2-5, 2010.  Please visit us at booth 1704.

If you would like complimentary admission, please contact us ahead of time and we'll gladly leave your name at will-call.

For more information, please visit The Baltimore Summer Antiques Show, www.RichardRothstein.com, and www.NeedlepointPillows.com

Hope to see you there!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Using Paisley Print Needlepoint Pillows in English Style Home Decorating

Using paisley print throw pillows adds opulence when added to richly toned furnishings -- especially if you're really going all out with velvet and damask. Paisley can be quite dramatic and when used in small doses really gives a Colonial-era feel to a space decorated with lots of traditional golds, maroons and sage greens.

Paisley Needlepoint Pillow at NeedlepointPillows.com
Persian influences in embroidered pillows also set the tone for old English design, and can nicely echo rugs either in the same room or in another area in the home.

If there's too much color and the space feels overwhelmed, choose self-patterned silk cushions in light cream or duck-egg blue (in other words, a matching shade that's two or three times lighter than those of the paint or upholostery fabrics). This will help keep the overall effect from becoming dense, while still retaining the integrity of color, pattern and design.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ornate Victorian decor and home accessories

If you're decorating a room with Victorian furnishings and decor, using embossed wallcoverings is one way to authentically recreate the era. Although you don't need to completely cover your walls with the ornate decoration, using pieces like wall borders and mouldings can bring the essence of the period to life. Accessories like appropriately designed needlepoint pillows or silk throw cushions will enhance the authenticity of the look - concentrate on floral prints or dense, repeating geometric patterns.

Savonnerie Needlepoint Pillow from NeedlepointPillows.com
Victorian style uses tones of "faded grandeur" in its palette, dominated by warm terracotta (reddish-brown) shades. Although both the Georgian style (which ran from 1714-1837) and the shorter period of the Victorian style of decorating (1837-1901) are those most often thought of when referring to traditional English design, it's actually the Victorian era that uses the warmer, richer shades.

In other words, think Persian rug tones and you've got it.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Decor, Including Throw Pillows, Must Complement Style and Period

Just because you're decorating a seaside home doesn't mean nautical themes throughout (or at all) are a must, nor are you obligated to accessorize a heritage farm house in New England country style. Interior design takes more than the age and/or the location of your home into consideration, including something as simple as the size of a room and height of a ceiling.

Handmade Amaryllis Floral Needlepoint Pillow from NeedlepointPillows.com
Let's say you've got a space with standard-height rooms. In this case, the ornateness of Victorian design (dado rails, cornices and coving, for example) would bring the walls in, creating a feeling of claustrophobia. Similarly, if you have great rooms with cathedral ceilings, a minimalist open-plan might actually feel quite cold and (without the buffeting feature of lots of furniture and rugs) could be very loud.

Once you've planned the look of any space, whether it be on a room-to-room basis or with an overall theme, decorative pieces like occasional furniture, wall hangings, even plants and throw cushions, can be added to tie in color schemes and motifs, and to add a touch of intimacy as well as personality.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Needlepoint Pillows in the White House and Buckingham Palace

If you've read the NeedlepointPillows.com About page, then you know I'm proud of the fact that our throw pillows are in places such as Buckingham Palace and the White House.

You'll also be aware that they're in my house too and in my friends' and neighbors' houses. And as I say on the site: frankly that's even better! That's because I don't get invited much to BP or even the White House, so I can't enjoy seeing the decorative pillows in person.

What I do enjoy, though, whether in my own home or those of people I visit, is seeing how creatively the cushions are used as decorating devices. Some (like the one shown here from our Garden Series of Embroidered Throw Pillows), are very much integral to the display piece of furniture; while others may simply be placed as one of many in a design of color or pattern. Whether you're showcasing high-end reproductions or restored originals, never underestimate the power of a well-placed needlepoint pillow.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Celebrating the 2010 Winter Olympics at NeedlepointPillows.com

We're into the final days of the Winter Olympics and while the International Olympic Committee celebrates record audiences worldwide (according to an article in The Christian Science Monitor), I'm taking advantage of the sports frenzy by stocking up on needlepoint pillows and hooked throw pillows that display athletes and athletics of every ilk.

In addition to hooked pillows that showcase hockey skates, ice skates and the skaters themselves, I've got throw pillows with sleds and skiiers, plus several throw cushions decorated with the American flag (and one embroidered pillow that displays a map of the U.S.), always a nice touch when you're involved in international competition.

Get your sports pillow today and never be afraid to admit you watch the ice dancing competition.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

So, What Are Aubusson Pillows Again?

Aubusson pillows are simply throw cushions in the Aubusson style. Cleared that right up, didn't I?

Actually, the name comes from an area in France where weavers and needlework artisans have been producing tapestries and the like since the Renaissance. Pillows that are made today using the same tradition of highly intricate detailing with top quality yarns are called Aubusson pillows.

Generally, you'll find Aubusson pillows used in more formal settings because their designs include regal and antique French historical patterns, in addition to the traditional floral patterns.

It's pretty amazing that there are countless examples of pillows from the 18th and 19th centuries (not just Aubusson, but any kind of needlework which include needlepoint and embroidery) still being used today. When high-quality base materials are used to make the decorative cushion, proper storage and gentle spot-cleaning techniques help keep them looking new for years to come.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Dog Pillows Sales Boom Expected - Kennel Club Show

The 135th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is taking place today and tomorrow at New York's Madison Square Garden, and I'm bracing myself for a run on needlepoint pillows that feature dogs.

Mixed Stitch Needlepoint Pillows from NeedlepointPillows.com - Portrait of a Yorkie
It's not news that dog pillows are popular--but I didn't realize that there are approximately 1.6 million dogs in NYC alone, with Yorkshire terriers topping the city's list of most popular dog. That many dogs means there's millions of dog lovers too, who are expected to be out in record numbers to root for their favorite breeds and to get a glimpse of less common dogs, like the high-energy wire-haired pointing griffon.

Wonder if Sadie the Scottish terrier will win top prize as anticipated or if the bulldog from Manhattan (Razzle Dazzle) will grab it.

Either way, I'm stocking up on souvenir needlepoint pillows and I suggest you do the same.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Why Buy Needlepoint Pillows at NeedlepointPillows.com?

Handmade William Morris Throw Pillow from NeedlepointPillows.com
Marketers need to be able to tell potential customers why they should shop at their store and not somewhere else. I've gone through the testimonials and comments from customers who have bought needlepoint pillows from me in the past (and who have returned time and time again), and have come up with a pretty comprehensive list.

OK, here goes. NeedlepointPillows.com
  • is high-end in quality and design
  • offers pillows that are made by hand
  • has the largest selection of any site
  • has great photography (a real plus for a retail outlet with an internet presence)
  • is super friendly, experienced and knowledgeable
  • is a real brick-and-mortar store not an internet-only site
  • is trade friendly
  • is environmentally responsible
  • offers products made from all-natural materials
  • provides free shipping to the 48 states
  • has a no hassle return policy
  • always has inventory in stock
  • is constantly customizing
  • is a trusted and highly-regarded company, seen in national mags like Veranda and New Old House
  • offers embroidered pillows, hooked pillows and Aubusson pillows in addition to needlepoint pillows
  • has an ever-growing selection, with 1000+ new items to be added in the next month

NeedlepointPillows.com is owned by me, Richard Rothstein, and has a pretty nifty blog. Yay!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Needlepoint Pillows - Unique Gift Ideas

Needlepoint pillows make great gifts, and are offered in such variety that every taste and style preference can be accommodated. Suitable for any occasion, throw cushions are often given as housewarming presents and holiday gifts as well as birthday presents and sometimes just because. Obviously the more you know about the recipient, the easier it is to choose the perfect accent pillow.

It's not just personal taste you need to accommodate; with items of home decor, it's just as important to know the color range you'll be working within and the overall style of that person's interior design. For example, high end Aubusson pillows look lovely in a space that displays vintage antiques while geometric patterns can prove striking in a rooms decorated with the sleek lines of modern design. Classic furnishings with their rich fabrics and colors tend to showcase silk toss pillows with aplomb, but it's country style that really brings into play hooked pillows and needlepoint pillows with themes like folk art, nature and Americana.

With a little thought, your choice of a handmade toss cushion can make for a wonderful gift that really becomes a cherished part of someone's home. In these cases, it's just as nice to receive as it is to give!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Most Popular Throw Cushions in Home Decor

What theme or design do you think sells the most toss pillows at NeedlepointPillows.com?

Perhaps the lovely hand made embroidered floral patterns, evoking fresh springtime blossoms and never-ending bouquets? Or maybe your vote would be for needlepoint pictures capturing sportsman moments and hunting scenes, completing the decor in your home study or den or vacation lodge. Maybe your favorite is the our premiere collection of high end Aubusson pillows, for the obvious craftsmanship and quality of material and design.

Although each type of pillow mentioned certainly does well, the far-and-away best-selling cushions are needlepoint and hooked dog pillows. The breed is nearly irrelevant -- pugs do the same booming business as Labs (chocolate, yellow or black) and terriers sell like hot cakes whether they're dressed or au naturel. With almost half of American households claiming to have at least one dog as part of their family (and that comes to something like 73 MILLION dogs!), it's not surprising that dog throw pillows are as popular as they are.

Only one thing confuses me a little. With cats coming in as the second most popular pet in the U.S., and the majority of those cat owners having multiple cats as pets, why aren't accent pillows with images of cats on them flying off the shelves too? Is it possible lack of space due to so many lounging felines?

Ah, the mysteries of the home decorating business!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Changing Throw Pillows for Seasons and Holidays

One of the best things about accessorizing a space using accent pillows is the ease with which you can change the tone of the room. Even though some of us are still mired knee-deep in winter, spring is just around the corner (if not actually in the air). While I may not be able to tend to my garden quite yet, I can take hope in its imminent arrival by swapping seasonal winter-themed needlepoint pillows for those with floral motifs.

Floral Embroidered Pillow from NeedlepointPillows.com - The Fantastical Garden II
Of course, I already put away my holiday decorative cushions -- and you know I've got a Valentine's Day pillow on display too, so there's a bit of mix-and-match going on depending throughout the year, depending on the month and holiday (and how good my memory is at any given time).

Changing toss pillows gives the whole house a fresh look and feel, and it only takes minutes. If the cushions are stored properly in a dry, dust-free environment, they'll be ready to go for next time.

So, which pillow will you bring out today?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Nautical Needlepoint Pillows Are Like Mini-Vacations

Boat Dog Accent Pillow from NeedlepointPillows.com
Toss pillows serve many purposes other than purely decorative accessories for your home. They can be good for your mental health. Seriously. Take a look at some needlepoint and hooked pillows with nautical and beach themes, like the one pictured here called Boat Dog.

Just looking at the image makes me smile and then remember times at the lake with my own dog (even if mine was too chicken to personally commandeer a motorboat, leaving me stranded on shore). In fact, I sometimes laugh out loud when I recall the time that our very dignified family pet, mistaking a solid-looking patch of weed and moss near the dock for terra firma, took one step too many and dropped like a stone into the lake. His look of sheer incredulity as he spluttered back to the surface is now a cherished memory.

There are throw pillows with all sorts of scenes at NeedlepointPillows.com: of mermaids and girls who dive; there are pictures of lifesavers and seashells, of starfish and wildlife -- each image conjuring up memories or creating promise of wonderful times to come.

Contemplate your needlepoint pillows and be happy. (It's cheaper than therapy and a whole lot more fun).

Monday, February 8, 2010

Pillows for the Day After

Golden Silk Embroidered Pillow at NeedlepointPillows.com
Feeling fragile after the Super Bowl? I don't blame you. The recent Australian Open Tennis Championships was another mega sporting event that left me exhausted, and I admit to taking to my bed for an hour after the epic World Cup battle between the Norwegian and German ski teams at Willingen (Germany won after overtaking Norway on the final jump).

The athletes themselves get professional rub-downs and therapeutic massages, while us poor spectators are left to recover from the sporting spectacles as best we can. I'm a tactile kind of person and get a lot of comfort from simply touching something smooth and soft, like stroking my dog's furry head. Of course, appreciating anything of visual beauty can be quite calming too.

In my line of work, I get the best of both worlds: the decorative pillows I sell are both pleasing to the touch and to the eye. For instance, the golden silk embroidered pillow pictured here is sleek and satiny to the touch as only silk can be, while its tone-on-tone intricate embroidery patterns of leaves and flowers creates a restful beauty.

Better yet, when I'm caught sitting at my desk, gazing at a gorgeous throw cushion in my hands, I deny the "goofing off" charges vehemently and mutter things about the American hard work ethic and sheer, unceasing dedication. (I have the best job in the world).

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Do You Have Your 2010 Super Bowl Pillow?

I'm clutching my hand-stitched Indiana decorative pillow today (between soul-and-back destroying snow-shoveling duties here in New Jersey), waiting for the start of Super Bowl XLIV, an epic championship between none other than the Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints. Now, I understand the Saints are a sentimental favorite (dubbed America's Team by some "unbiased" reporters), but I still say: the best team shall win!

Although I've got high-end needlepoint cushions with patterns of baseballs, golf balls and even soccer balls and basketballs on my site, NeedlepointPillows.com, I need to stock football throw pillows for next year's Super Bowl battle. In the meantime, geography pillows will have to do and for those of you who are undecided, no need for concern: there's the take-no-sides USA pillow.

Bring it on, and I'll see you on the other side.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cuddle With Cashmere Pillows this Valentine's Day!

February 14th is fast approaching, and falls on a Sunday this year. Don't worry, though, you've still got some time to decide on the perfect gift idea for that special someone in your life.

For a unique present that lasts and really makes a vivid declaration of your feelings, a soft cashmere decorative pillow might be just the ticket! With big, fun bright pink letters on a light checked background, this is a home accessory she or he will cherish for years to come. Declare your LOVE every day of the year with this great cushion, and brighten up a corner of your home at the same time.

Playful home decor and accessories that make truly personal statements must be made from top-quality fabrics and weaves, otherwise the whimsy threatens to turn into kitsch. With handmade pillows, like those from NeedlepointPillows.com, you've got top-of-the-line designs worked in pure, all-natural, earth-friendly materials: in other words, high-end gifts sure to be appreciated (and hugged).

Sunday, January 24, 2010

More Needlepoint Pillows and Decorative Pillows Added to needlepointpillows.com

We just added over 100 new Needlepoint Pillows (Dog Pillows, Geometric Pillows, Nautical Pillows, and Aubusson Pillows) to our website: http://www.needlepointpillows.com.

At present, we have over 1,000 decorative pillow, throw pillows, and accent pillows on our site.

Don't forget to sign up for our Private Pillow Sale, where select pillows are offered at 50% off our regular prices.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Needlepoint Pillows on Sale at Richard Rothstein & Co.

We just added some new needlepoint pillows to the sale section... including Nautical Pillows, Floral Pillows, Geometric Pillows, and Dog Pillows.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Private Pillow Sale from NeedlepointPillows.com

Sign up for our Private Pillow Sale where selected needlepoint pillows, decorative pillows, accent pillows, and throw pillows are 50% off.

NeedlepointPillows.com Private Pillow Sale

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