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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Decor, Including Throw Pillows, Must Complement Style and Period

Just because you're decorating a seaside home doesn't mean nautical themes throughout (or at all) are a must, nor are you obligated to accessorize a heritage farm house in New England country style. Interior design takes more than the age and/or the location of your home into consideration, including something as simple as the size of a room and height of a ceiling.

Handmade Amaryllis Floral Needlepoint Pillow from NeedlepointPillows.com
Let's say you've got a space with standard-height rooms. In this case, the ornateness of Victorian design (dado rails, cornices and coving, for example) would bring the walls in, creating a feeling of claustrophobia. Similarly, if you have great rooms with cathedral ceilings, a minimalist open-plan might actually feel quite cold and (without the buffeting feature of lots of furniture and rugs) could be very loud.

Once you've planned the look of any space, whether it be on a room-to-room basis or with an overall theme, decorative pieces like occasional furniture, wall hangings, even plants and throw cushions, can be added to tie in color schemes and motifs, and to add a touch of intimacy as well as personality.

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