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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Nautical Needlepoint Pillows Are Like Mini-Vacations

Boat Dog Accent Pillow from NeedlepointPillows.com
Toss pillows serve many purposes other than purely decorative accessories for your home. They can be good for your mental health. Seriously. Take a look at some needlepoint and hooked pillows with nautical and beach themes, like the one pictured here called Boat Dog.

Just looking at the image makes me smile and then remember times at the lake with my own dog (even if mine was too chicken to personally commandeer a motorboat, leaving me stranded on shore). In fact, I sometimes laugh out loud when I recall the time that our very dignified family pet, mistaking a solid-looking patch of weed and moss near the dock for terra firma, took one step too many and dropped like a stone into the lake. His look of sheer incredulity as he spluttered back to the surface is now a cherished memory.

There are throw pillows with all sorts of scenes at NeedlepointPillows.com: of mermaids and girls who dive; there are pictures of lifesavers and seashells, of starfish and wildlife -- each image conjuring up memories or creating promise of wonderful times to come.

Contemplate your needlepoint pillows and be happy. (It's cheaper than therapy and a whole lot more fun).

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