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Friday, February 12, 2010

Needlepoint Pillows - Unique Gift Ideas

Needlepoint pillows make great gifts, and are offered in such variety that every taste and style preference can be accommodated. Suitable for any occasion, throw cushions are often given as housewarming presents and holiday gifts as well as birthday presents and sometimes just because. Obviously the more you know about the recipient, the easier it is to choose the perfect accent pillow.

It's not just personal taste you need to accommodate; with items of home decor, it's just as important to know the color range you'll be working within and the overall style of that person's interior design. For example, high end Aubusson pillows look lovely in a space that displays vintage antiques while geometric patterns can prove striking in a rooms decorated with the sleek lines of modern design. Classic furnishings with their rich fabrics and colors tend to showcase silk toss pillows with aplomb, but it's country style that really brings into play hooked pillows and needlepoint pillows with themes like folk art, nature and Americana.

With a little thought, your choice of a handmade toss cushion can make for a wonderful gift that really becomes a cherished part of someone's home. In these cases, it's just as nice to receive as it is to give!

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