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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Why Buy Needlepoint Pillows at NeedlepointPillows.com?

Handmade William Morris Throw Pillow from NeedlepointPillows.com
Marketers need to be able to tell potential customers why they should shop at their store and not somewhere else. I've gone through the testimonials and comments from customers who have bought needlepoint pillows from me in the past (and who have returned time and time again), and have come up with a pretty comprehensive list.

OK, here goes. NeedlepointPillows.com
  • is high-end in quality and design
  • offers pillows that are made by hand
  • has the largest selection of any site
  • has great photography (a real plus for a retail outlet with an internet presence)
  • is super friendly, experienced and knowledgeable
  • is a real brick-and-mortar store not an internet-only site
  • is trade friendly
  • is environmentally responsible
  • offers products made from all-natural materials
  • provides free shipping to the 48 states
  • has a no hassle return policy
  • always has inventory in stock
  • is constantly customizing
  • is a trusted and highly-regarded company, seen in national mags like Veranda and New Old House
  • offers embroidered pillows, hooked pillows and Aubusson pillows in addition to needlepoint pillows
  • has an ever-growing selection, with 1000+ new items to be added in the next month

NeedlepointPillows.com is owned by me, Richard Rothstein, and has a pretty nifty blog. Yay!

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